Artist-in-Residence: Silvio Dos Reis


Silvio Dos Reis

Capoeira Instructor and Sacajawea Artist-in-Residence

The Sacajawea Arts and Culture committee is happy to announce two events presented by a performing artist from Brazil, Silvio Dos Reis. He will be presenting Capoeira skills for the students in a Monday morning assembly on June 10th. You are welcome to join us!

In addition, Silvio will be doing an artist-in-residency from June 17th – 21st. During this time, he’ll work with each of our classrooms, building upon the skills he demonstrates at his assembly.

In his classroom instruction time, he’ll work with our students to:

  • warm up with basic capoeira movements

  • learn the basic capoeira movements

  • work with your partner and learning how to use the capoeira movements to build the "body dialogue" necessary to play the capoeira game

  • learn how to play the capoeira instruments, such as tambourines, drums, African bells, and the musical bow known as "berimbau"

Silvio Dos Reis has dedicated his life to Capoeira for the past 31 years. He started teaching Capoeira in Brazil and moved to Seattle in 2004. Since then he has been teaching after school programs at Seattle public schools, Capoeira workshops and ongoing classes at Evergreen State College , Western Washington University and University of Washington. He offered Capoeira classes for kids and youths at Northwest School and Gage Academy summer camps from 2012 to 2018. He worked for Seattle Parks and Recreation offering the ARTS IN THE PARKS - kids and youth program - for the summer of 2013. Silvio has been offering the capoeira workshop at NWFolklife for the past 10 years. As a way to promote Capoeira in the community, Silvio runs his own Capoeira school, the International Capoeira Angola Foundation/ICAF SEATTLE, located in Seattle where he offers regular classes for adults, youths, kids and toddlers