Safety Month Updates, 3/14/19

We are excited to welcome Seattle Police Chief, Carmen Best for our Monday Morning Assembly next week! The following week, we’ll be welcoming Seattle Fire Chief, Harold Scoggins. Both of these city leaders came to talk to us last year, and students really enjoyed their visits. 

Our safety drill this week is a Shelter In Place Drill. We use a shelter in place drill when it is safest for staff and students to stay inside, but they can move around the building to go to specialist classes, use the restroom or eat lunch in the cafeteria. Incidents that might require a shelter in place drill include police activity in the surrounding neighborhood or a gas leak nearby. This is one of our least-disruptive drills, as instruction continues normally for the duration of the drill. We may also practice a reverse-evacuation as part of this drill. This is conducted the same way in which we come inside in case of unexpected inclement weather during recess. By practicing these drills, we hope that students and staff will feel confident and know what to do when an event calls for one of these types of safety measures.