Our 2019-2020 Fundraising Overview

At Sacajawea, we also enjoy a long-standing tradition of a strong reliance on parents and others contributing their time, talent, and resources. These contributions are what allows our school community to help fill the gaps in a woefully underfunded public education system.

Over 250 parents, teachers, staff, and students came together during the 2018-2019 school year to volunteer on numerous school improvement projects. We met our fundraising goal (with a high parent participation rate), ensuring continued support of key programs.

This year, we hope you’ll help us to continue last year’s success and expand the list of programs and services the PTA already supports, including but not limited to visiting musicians for K-3rd grade & 4th-grade instrumental music program, updating classroom libraries, field trip travel, and much, much more.

Our fundraising GOAL for the 2019-2020 school year is $100,000.  At three points during the school year, we’ll invite parents, friends, and our extended community to support Sacajawea Elementary with a financial contribution.

  • Move-a-Thon Goal: $30,000 (October): The more your kids move the more programs our PTA can offer our school.  This is a great way to reach out to friends and family to involve them in your child’s education.

  • Direct Ask Goal: $25,000 (November/December): Your support enables the PTA to provide funds for programs like the ones listed above. Look for a letter in your child’s take-home packet.

  • Community Celebration Goal: $45,000 (March): Keep an eye out for the date, and look forward to a fun-filled evening celebrating and supporting our fantastic school.  Don’t miss this raise-the-paddle event, kid’s art auction, and more!

How can you help right now?  When you donate to the Sacajawea PTA, you’re helping us fund essential programs throughout the school year for your child and others at Sacajawea Elementary.

First, if you can, give today:

  • Use any major credit card or PayPal to donate to our PTA via our Fundraising page.

  • Write a check or make a cash donation (returned to the office PTA lockbox).

Second, employer matching gifts of time or dollars will make your donation go further:

Third, Amazon Smilie makes it easy for your online shopping to benefit Sacajawea. As of August we have received nearly $800 thanks to your donations!

To get started, choose the Sacajawea PTA as your Smile partner, and each purchase sends a donation our way. Click here to find us on Amazon Smile.

Sacajawea’s students benefit from the generosity of the school community to provide both volunteer hours and financial support to help ensure basic programs and student services are provided to our children.  

On behalf of the Sacajawea PTA, we are grateful to count you as a member of our community. It’s an honor to partner with Sacajawea students, parents and families for the betterment of our school.