Thursday, March 21st is the annual Sacajawea Math and Science Fair, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Please join us for this annual community celebration of all things math and science!!

It’s a family event, and Dante's Inferno Dogs will be on hand providing the best in hot dogs and nibbles. So, bring the whole family, and make a night of it. And, make sure to check out the bake sale to tasty treats!

Science Fair Poster Session

Students in third, fourth, and fifth grades will also present their science projects. Come explore amazing wonders with our newest scientists — what will you learn?

Marshmallow Catapult Challenge

All students can participate in the marshmallow catapult challenge! The measurements for the challenge will be distance and accuracy. Your student may already be working on their catapult in their class. If your student's teacher sent their catapult kit home, read on. We have suggested directions and tips just below.

A catapult building station will also be available during the fair. Marshmallows will launch starting at 7pm!

Details on the Catapult Challenge, Including Construction and Teaching Advice

In years past, we’ve held an “egg survival” challenge for students where kids design and build a solution to keep their egg from breaking after launching from a catapult. The goal of the challenge was to have your egg fly the furthest while still not cracking.

For this year, we’re taking a different approach where kids will instead design their own device to launch marshmallows for distance and accuracy.

There are a number of teachable elements in this exercise that can support existing science and physics tracks. At the base level, this project provides an opportunity to learn about and experiment with levers and fulcrums, and kids can find several workable solutions.  

At the science fair, kids will take turns lining up their device and launching marshmallows. Adults will help record distance.

Goal: To build a device to launch a large marshmallow as far a possible. We will also have accuracy challenges!

Teaching elements: Levers, fulcrums, catapults (Mangonel type, likely not Ballista or Trebuchet types), potential and kinetic energy, angle of arc, and distance.


  • 15 x popsicle sticks

  • 15 x rubberbands

  • 1 x medium binder clips

  • 2 x Dixie cups

Some Helpful Videos

If you’re looking to learn more about what your kids will be working on in class, or perhaps at home with you, here are a few helpful videos.

More Inspiration

For other ideas, here are a few other sites that have a collection of designs that might get you going in the right direction.

Volunteer to Help

To make the Science Fair a success, we need your help. With a small amount of your time, you can be a really big help.

Event Flyers

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