Hello, fantastic Sacajawea community!

The Annual Sacajawea Direct Ask runs now through December 3rd. We need your support this year more than ever to help us reach our target fundraising goals for the year. We had a successful Move-a-thon, and raised just over $25k – we couldn’t be more thankful for such a wonderful event and for our community’s enthusiastic support. Now, we need your help again!

The situation: Washington State’s public education system is drastically underfunded. To make up for this shortfall, public schools rely on their communities to support schools with both volunteers and financial giving for even basic programs. The Sacajawea Elementary School community has a strong tradition of parent involvement in terms of volunteering and financial support.

The solution: Last year over 100 parents, teachers, staff and students came together to volunteer on numerous school improvement projects. We also met our fundraising goal (and had a high parent participation rate), ensuring continued essential support of key programs.

Our Fundraising Efforts Go Directly to Your Children

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The PTA partners with the school to ensure that opportunities like the visiting musicians program, the science fair, the 4th grade instrumental music program, the spring arts festival, tutors and many more projects are funded for the school year.  

Continuing last year’s success enables us to expand the list of programs and services the PTA supports, such as funding school supplies for the entire school for the entire year, updating our classroom libraries, fully funding field trips, additional curriculum enrichment, and more! Coming together as a community is both rewarding and a lot of fun as we improve our children’s education and build a strong foundation for their future.

Our Direct Ask Goal: $25k

Give what you can. The Direct Ask is the 2nd of our three major fundraising efforts for the year. This one is the easiest in which to participate! With around 250 students at Sacajawea, this $25k goal breaks down to $100 per student. Some families can give more, some can give less, and some are not able to give this year. We ask that you give what you can afford.

Make it easier on you and your budget. If desired, you can donate online – either via a one-time payment or monthly payments (you can change or cancel your recurring payment at any time). Any major credit card or your PayPal balance can be used to donate via the form above.

Make your donation go farther. Don't forget to ask your employer about its matching gift program! We are happy to provide our tax information. If you need help with this or have questions, please reach out to our treasurer, Laura Riley at LKRiley99@outlook.com.

Our goal: 100% participation.  Our goal is simply 100% participation, so whatever amount you're donating (and even if you are not able to donate this year), return the YELLOW ENVELOPE that is attached to this letter. If you donate online, please make a note of that when you return the envelope.


Fun incentive for the kids: Classes with 100% participation by the December 3rd deadline will get a party with donut treats to celebrate!

If you have any questions about the Direct Ask, please contact Christina Hodge (christina_hodge@outlook.com).

It is an honor for us to be a part of the Sacajawea family.  Thank you for all you do for our school! 


The Sacajawea PTA

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