Board Meeting Minutes, Sept. 20th

Sacajawea Elementary School PTA Board Meeting

Thursday, September 20, 2018 | 6:00 – 6:30 pm Social Hour | 6:30 – 8:00 PTA Business

Sacajawea Elementary School Library


Ara Swanson, Kelly Lillis, Seth Bridges, Sarah O., Aida M, Kelly Robideau, Karen Warner, Diana Diamant, Brandon G., Matt Walker, Charlene Shanahan, Mimi Fontenelle, Rae Lutters, Emeline Cokelet Meneken, Rachel Friesen, Claudine Miller, Paul Miller, Laura Riley, Kara Golgert, Dana Robinson Slote, Ann Schlossman

PTA Norms, Board, Committee Member—Ara Swanson Merkens & Laura Riley

  • Bring concerns/issues/discussion (ground rules)

  • Vote – confirmation done through yes/verbal vote

  • Recognize Ara and Matt plus Ann as Sec and Laura as Treasurer

  • There are also standing committee members (later); documented the official board

Murals in stairway, floor to ceiling –Matt Walker

  • How do people feel about $200-500 for materials and scaffolding?

  • Mr Ryan will do proposal is there’s interest, will bring a proposal to future meeting for review

Update on River of Books funded by PTA--Ann Singh:

  • update on buying ‘appropriate level books’ to early grades

  • testing half of students shows growth over the summer (versus slide over the summer); most by one level, many by multiple levels;

  • very different from previous years and diff than norm/standard countywide;

  • “great growth for (our) kids”

  • Thank you to PTA


  • Meeting schedule – send new items, edits to Ara (calendar)


  • Updating the rules, to be a PTA in good standing

  • Reviewed, adopted as an Exec Board

  • Vote ahead of October meeting

  • Proposed (Laura), seconded (Ann) to PASS


  • Received matching corporation funds, e.g. in July $600 and $2K in August (and received $1K for diversity award) plus have received membership drive

  • Closed with $247K and in Sept we have $245K (try not to drop below $200K)

  • Typically have to pay out (for pavement in this instance) then reimburse

  • Budget we approved in 2018 is $93K

  • From a fundraising perspective we came in under but since we carried over a balance we felt comfortable moving some over

  • Offered financials – set up review with Board and Committee Members


  • Need signatures for roll call

  • “Parking lot” issues—Ann will keep a google doc of live business so that meetings do not get derailed yet important topics are kept and tracked.

  • Required to post meeting minutes

  • Can email out – need to create list of emails—Jennifer Sunami will create google emails for positions so knowledge is not lost with position hand overs.

  • Coordinate with Equity team to make pitch at Heritage potluck



    • Challenges, Success in math (including Ms Bermet, Ms Doss)

    • What do we need to do to roll out math (as with reading, how to get resources/support vs. teachers pulling from many diff sources, which makes for disconnect)


    • Request for “shining star” student performances – inviting others – one Monday each month

    • Teachers help shape thru tryouts, Ms Rings helps to rehearse, Mr. Walker opens the gym


    • Open computer lab

    • Spanish language specialist Benjamin to help

    • Assistance for anyone who wants it, e.g. fill out free/reduced lunch forms etc

      • Forms are confidential, Fed Govt gets headcounts, only staff who knows which student qualifies is lunch room leader (Rachel asking District to communicate that to the families, and don’t want anyone to go hungry out of fear; Laura asking Rachel to connect with Rosa)


  • Goal is better communication, chose not to do the fall survey

  • Will instead do a survey in Jan/Feb

  • District does its own survey in April, so that together allows us to get what we need without doing the official SOE application and survey


  • Potluck on Oct 25

  • PTA Coordinate with Equity team to make PTA membership pitch at Heritage potluck

  • Mrs Rings will host song “cedar tree”

  • Photos by Lori

  • Mr Ryan on backdrop

  • Looking for continental focus activity idea

  • Bring a dish to share

  • Matt asked for guidelines – where did this recipe come from?

  • Superintendent, SPS board, Heritage potluck

BeX levy – Kara and attendance

  • Meeting on Mon-Roosevelt, Wed--JSCEE

  • Writing

  • Photos

  • Three students that have to turn away because of non ADA compliance

  • Levy passing is important to small schools, because cost per student is high

  • Parent support critical

  • Add to work plan – how to inform members about levy issues w/o campaigning, e.g. can it go out on mailchimp (and not on state time)

  • Raise the levy lid as post BEX issue (Ann’s recommendation)

FUNDRAISING CHAIR– Christina Hodges (absent) – Rae Lutters MAT 10/18/18 mtg

Options around asphalt for Move A Thon (RAE)

  • Run around perimeter//Run around grass//Walk (still moving)//Offer running in waves

  • Work party the night before to move gravel

  • Claudine may have connection for bales

  • Matt and Sac Dads organizing the night before Work Party

  • Discussed moving it off site e.g. Maple Leaf park, but needs transportation, or on a weekend (not inclusive)

  • Agree – sweep, straw bales, smaller heats of kids, oval space

  • Ms Warner – SHINE focus to keep kids safe for MAT

  • Slower music, superhero theme

  • Set up pledgestar, wants to add a selection for winner/which class sends most emails for donations

  • Donations – Lara Sim—could she get Seattle Children’s Hospital bags

  • Donate money for bibs, art, balloons

  • Goal: packets out first week of October

  • Speak at assembly on Oct 1st and 8th

  • Claudine to set up first aid tent – nurse will also be there since it’s a Thurs morning

  • Goal $30K


  • Charlene Shanahan and Mimi Fontelle co-chair event, secure donations

  • For new families communicate that there are three main asks e.g. know how to donate, or save for bigger meeting (vs book fair, bake sale etc.)

  • how to creatively include families who don’t have the means to give money (e.g. if you can’t give a donation of time or other resources is also encouraged) SEE LETTER from last year

  • Let’s be aware when we advertise an event, and encourage them to be there (parking lot issue how to include everyone around some way other than money)

  • Most important thing is to frame it positively, and we need things other than money e.g. lots of ways to help support, contribute etc.

BLT—Claudine Miller:

  • Group of parent/staff members, ask how to support staff do their jobs successfully and then report back to PTA for insight and direction

  • featured in tonight’s newsletter – first meeting today (Sept 19)

  • identified a master schedule, mission/vision, subgroups


  • Continuing with the Thurs newsletter

  • Compiling Wed night; can be added to the list/ask for reminders

  • Working with Jennifer on charter of web site

  • Looking for insight, thoughts and trying to understand purpose


  • Received gold award, increased our membership to 122 (so with 50% in by Sept 30 we’ve already received bronze)

  • 167 people by spring 2019

  • 226 kids in k-5 plus 22-26 in preK

  • $12/20 membership is a passthrough to state/national PTA to advocate


  • Trying to keep grants we have in renewal process – that grant is targeted at supporting low income students and families

  • Asking for $10K from Windermere, Elaine Shelly leading that work

  • We have a wish list compiled in part with Rachel, prioritizing as we go

  • Looking for other grant opportunities, happy to partner

T-SHIRT team

  • Laura says she’ll confirm that Brian Jackson and Robert Hopkins on board

  • For 2019 form can/should go home in First Day packet

  • Rowell Llanillo designer