Annual Direct Ask

Each year the Sacajawea PTA holds three main fundraisers to full support many of the things we hold near and dear to Sacajawea: the Move-a-Thon, Direct Ask Letter, and a Community Fundraiser in the spring. One of these three fundraisers is our annual direct ask letter (crafted and produced entirely by our incredible Sacajawea Dads group!), which was sent home with students earlier this week and is linked here.
We’ve increased our goal for the letter to $20,000, and while that’s ambitious, it fits into our overall annual goal of $70,000.

Like last year, we’ve kept the “Grilled Cheese Challenge.” The first class to return all their letters (either with a contribution or without, it’s ok!) will get free grilled cheese made by our own Web Peirce at the Spring Arts Festival.

Please return by Friday 12/16.

No contribution required for grilled cheese challenge.

If you want to bypass the letter altogether, and do a direct donation to the PTA, please scroll down and click on the PayPal “Donate” button the right. Thank you!