Boundary Changes for 2017-18

Summary from the Lake City Library boundary changes meeting 9/26 (thanks to Laura R.):

Summary from the Eckstein boundary changes meeting 9/22 (thanks to Melissa and Mike B.):

Proposed Seattle Public Schools Boundary Changes – Summary of Recent Meetings (thanks to Ara S.)

Over the past two weeks, several parents and PTA members attended public meetings held by Seattle Public Schools regarding the implementation of school boundary changes that the school board approved in 2013. These boundary changes began to be implemented in 2014-15 school year, and will continue through the 2020-21 school year. The boundary changes currently being discussed would be implemented next school year (2017-18), and would affect many schools throughout the district, and definitely Sacajawea. Here’s a quick recap of what we learned at the meeting:

According to the grandfathering recommendations table handed out at the meeting, SPS says that 57 students at Sacajawea would be moved to Olympic Hills, and no grandfathering would be allows

  • SPS also says that 98 students from Olympic View would be moved to Sacajawea, but 4th and 5th graders would be allowed to stay at Olympic View (per grandfathering)
  • The data in the linked table also seems wrong; I believe enrollment services is aware of this, and will hopefully have been information to draw from
  • In addition to the grandfathering recommendations, Olympic Hills will be opening a brand new building next year, which will double its capacity; and the new Cedar Park Elementary School will also be opening. SPS did state at the meetings that part of these boundary changes are ensuring that those schools are filled.
  • Many parents, including our own, but also many other throughout north Seattle, spoke up at the meeting and expressed concerns, including: ◦Integrity of the data and enrollment figures

◦Potential for these changes to disrupt the strong communities that many schools have worked hard to build

◦Potential for these changes to continue to be disruptive as they are implemented over the concern about lack of grandfathering for Sacajawea

◦Concern that families in choice schools aren’t affected by this change

◦Concern that these changes are also driven by the opening of new schools and wanting to ensure those schools are filled; negatively affecting existing schools

Key dates to note:

October 4 — Sacajawea Community Meeting (hosted by our school administration)

October 12 — Seattle School Board introduction of the recommendation boundary changes

November 2 (scheduled, may shift depending on board action on October 12) — Potential board action